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Lactation is each pregnancy a period that the female can experience, because be delivered of the food that after coming, intestines and stomach cannot get used to the outside quite when darling, only at that time mom’s mother breeds ability is source of darling first-rate food and nutrient origin. During lactation mom also should pay attention to accurate lactation method, and maintain well breastForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, appear easily otherwise the problem of mammary prolapse. Besides what effect does lactation still have to female breast?

Lactation has what effect to the woman

Consider to think, estrogen is the important and exciting factor of breast cancer happening, gradual progress, and progestational hormone may be element of a kind of protection. Lactation may protect the time of action through lengthening progestational hormone, corresponding ground shortens the time that estrogen spurs actionShanghai noble baby

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, reduce mammary gland conduit thereby cellular happening is evil the risk that change.

Australian scientist ever had undertaken study in this domain, doctor be diagnosed 493 times to give the woman that has ovarian cancer, undertook contrasting study with 472 healthy women of similar age. Study the result shows, compare with the woman look that undertakes to the child the mother breeds feed is less than 7 months, those let the child accept mother milk raise the woman of at least 13 months, the odds that its contract ovarian cancer decreased 63% .

Lactation has what effect to the woman

Raw milk juice is a dynamic metabolization process, use up 200-500 calorie on average everyday. Want to waste the energy of as much, the mom of feed of grandma of a recipe must swim 30 rounds back and forth in the swimming-pool everyday above, perhaps climb slope by bicycle a hour. Can help a mother reduce weight, regain a stature!

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lactation mom, than not the blood sugar level of lactation mom is lower (Kjos, 1993) . And the mom that diabetic to those sufferring from risk been increasinging, the greatest lose weight that because the mother breeds,feed fetchs may make sequel suffers from diabetic risk to drop.

Lactation has what effect to the woman

I diabetic woman has before be pregnant, the insulin that often needs in lactation is fewer, because their blood sugar level is met,drop. And mother milk mom often has cholesterol of higher high density lipoprotein (Oyer, 1989) . Reduce again the most roughly by what lactation brings, the blood sugar level of classics improvement and good cholesterol position, final meeting reduces a heart to askForum of Shanghai noble baby

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The risk of the problem. ThisShanghai night net

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Especially important, because heart disease is broken out,be the chief reason that the woman dies.

What this gives the child nurse namely is delicious, the health of OK and beneficial mother and child!

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