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, but the female because stream of people, prophylactic, the meeting such as production causes certain harm to the body, for instance female production is very important hour, female production may appear perineal the circumstance that tears off, this process is very painful, a lot of people pay close attention to perineal skin to be torn off quite, how long is perineal skin torn off can you restore? Next we look.

The skin is torn off

One. Perineal what is tearing off?

Perineal tearing off is to show the parenchyma between anus and external genital organs gets serious scar, bring about attenuate since perineal and local Peng appear a visible crack, can tear off anus badly even.

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Justice the cent with broad sense. Of narrow sense perineal point to the parenchyma between anus and external genital organs only. Of broad sense perineal it is all parenchyma that the mouth below the pelvis closes under midriff pointing to a basin.

2. Perineal avulsion reason

1, childbirth: Fetal head childbirth goes out is the most important one step in delivery process. When fetal head is about to go out through vaginal childbirth, vaginal mouth and all round because fetal head drops continuously and the organization is oppressed, attenuate to shine even since local Peng it is thus clear that, right now, if be protected carelessly perineal, not only perineal likelihood is torn off, still can tear off anus all the time even.

2, defecate is dry: Because suffer from excessive internal heat or weather are torrid, defecate is easy and dry, also can bring about perineal tear off.

3, sexual life: Because suffer from inflammation, the vagina is easy and dry, lose flexibility, when of the same branch of a family easy and perineal can get hurt to be torn off even.

The skin is torn off

3. Perineal avulsion classification

I spends perineal crack: Point to mucous membrane of perineal ministry skin to be cracked, include burst of mucous membrane of labium, vestibule.

Ⅱ spends perineal crack: Perineal skin, mucous membrane, muscle is cracked, but anal constrictor is complete.

Ⅲ spends perineal crack: Perineal skin, mucous membrane, perineal body, anal constrictor is cracked completely, much companion has rectum wall to be cracked.

4. Perineal how long to tear off restore?

The avulsion of one grade level

Besides trifling and unwell, create other issues unlikely, and general a few had met in the day. It is a on the skin small cut only after all, just go up at a more sensitive place, the meeting when sitting is come up against it (if sit a few days on the pillow to be able to feel more a few more comfortable at first) the avulsion of one grade level wants to oversew after childbirth, so that musculature can compound had restored.

The skin is torn off

The avulsion of 2 grade level

Can cause very big ache, the likelihood needs a week or more time just can recover from an illness, this should see the accident of cut and depth. The suture opening that meeting routine gives midwife you makes an inspection. If have ache, she also can give you paracetamol drug or similar gentle aconite alleviates aching. You have the possibility a few daysFall in love with the sea

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when time can feel to sitting very painful, you need a pillow probably or cushion for leaning on helps you. A quite deep avulsion, namely so called the avulsion of 3 grade level, can cross the skin and musculature to arrive at rectum.

The avulsion of 3 grade level

Differ somewhat with the avulsion of one grade level, 2 grade level, because exceed big fetal, quick delivery or vulva incision mouth,they often are outspread bring about. If the avulsion of level of a 3 grade is not oversewed by fast and skilled ground, can cause into oneLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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The complication of the pace, because fecal meeting flows to cut and vagina by bowel, cause affect and excrete incontinent.

The avulsion of 3 grade level is probable because the deepness of musculature is injured and the meeting brings about ache, want 2 weeks to last or longer. You need aconite to come analgesia and fill air cushion specially (the balata that resembles children is encircled) when make you are sitting some more comfortable.

Puerperas are right tear off and the sensory change of the aching degree of suture and time length will be very big. If tear off place causes ache, you should let midwife know and not be to try hard to be borne by force. Because ache,can oversew mouth whether degree of tightness is appropriate, so you need to know your aching feeling at any time. Those who be worth to remember is, although tear off,can be inside a week heal, what you also can bring about because of childbirth is in-houseLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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What strut and silt injury should experience for a long time is unwell.


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