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Among the life more and more people carelessly him care eye, the eye that discovers oneself via regular meeting appears all sorts of problems, actually the health of the eye often is the thing that we should pay close attention to particularly, the eye is interior window, protective eye everybody has duty, we need each respects from inside the life to be made, care eye wants the habit of eye of give up Mi above all, often do not stay up late, should maintain the book reads below normal light, with electronic product, make very relevant note.

Love a method that shields an eye

Love eye protects a little common sense

Current, chinese student myopia is sentShanghai noble baby

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Ill rate is adjacent 60% , house world the 2nd, first of number house world. Pupil myopia rate is achieved 20%- – 25% , crude myopic rate reachs junior high 38%- – 45% , high school gives birth to myopic rate to had achieved 63% above, patient total number has exceeded 60 million, because myopia sends blind number to achieve 300 thousand above, breathtaking data, let us be astonished for it. Cherish our eye, the vision that protects us already extremely urgent. When day of countrywide love eye is forthcoming, we dedicate meticulously for you love eye protects eye common sense:

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

One, when seeing a book write, the pose wants decorous, adjust height of desk and chair by height as far as possible, note one fist, one feet, a inch demand, in the light enough place reads exercise, do not read script too petty or ambiguous presswork, do not read inside the railroad car of rock, lying to read a book.

2, write continuously, read every 40 minutes to must rest 5-10 minute. Be in the home after school everyday1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
The time that use an eye (if read a book, write, play piano to wait) with exceedingFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Pass two hours to be a principle, lest the eye is excessive fatigue.

Love a method that shields an eye

Shanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

3, the eye when watching TV maintains make an appointment with 6-8 with TV appearance dimension the distance of times, every other must rest 30 minutes 5-10 minute, see TV cannot exceed 1 hour above absolutely continuously. When watching TV, indoor still must shine a lamplight.

4, balanced diet, do not carry feed, viaShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Often absorb the food that contains vitamin A to abound, be like: The cross-eye eyeball such as vegetable of carrot, tomato, spinach or bottle green, deep yellow, yoke, liver has sanitarian effect.

5, the serious health care that make a key point is held, point is true; Do outdoors exercise more, much contact nature, much see distance green scenery.

The eye is interior window, protect an eye, everybody has duty. Let us resemble loving life to cherish an eye in that way, make from fine point, everybody has a pair of bright eyes.

Love a method that shields an eye

Eye of female sexual love protects a Xiaochang to know

See one the individual’s age, the furrow that should see the corner of the eye only is OK, because the eye always is most first anile. For beautiful to love woman, loving an eye to shield an eye is first class important matter. Below, we love a method that shields an eye a few times to female friend introduction.

It is the eye of give up narrow one’s eyes, frown, habit that stay up late, facial expression also does not want too rich.

2 it is to notice to drink plain boiled water more, eat the colloid sex food such as some of chicken hand, pig hand more, make the skin more moist.

3 it is daub eye ministry protects skin to taste, OK also daub olive oil adds carrot juice, OK still fat dose of daub vitamin E.

4 it is to often massage eye ministry. When eye ministry maintains, must notice, ten million cannot be ground arenaceous, lest injure the skin.

5 if the eye is bloated,be, use boiled water paint, also can stick bright potato chips, the result is right.


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